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audio documental archives of spirits- in the name of Stefan Illasch

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THE STEPHAN ILLS' AUDIO-DOCUMENTARY GHOSTS ARCHIVE Curator: Eran Sachs Written by: Eran Sachs & Nitsan Domidiano Guest Writers: Sebastian Meissner, Tal Adler Initially disclosed in the Tower of David museum,as part of "Heara 6 - On the borders of the Comment", Jerusalem, October 2003 Hebrew text only The Stephan Ills' Audio-Documentary Archive is a private collection of recordings of ghosts and sounds of the dead, which were performed around or are related to the city of Jerusalem. The recordings can be traced back to the city's different historical periods, and are attributed to such figures as Aybak the Mamluk, Abruptus of Titus' army, Palestinian merchant Abdalla al-Namari and knight Yves de-Fallion, founder of Templar order. Every recording was methodically catalogued, assigned a serial number and archived along with a desription of the cirucmstances underlining its introduction into the Audio-Documentary archive. The realization of this work was assisted by Yanai Sachs, Tal Adler and Ella Gilboa

Eran Sachs

Eran Sachs works as composer, improviser, sound-artist and curator in Jerusalem. Originally coming from a classical background, he turned his attention towards Metal and Modern music, and started performing at the age of 14. As an improviser Sachs has collaborated with Oren Ambarchi, Philip Jeck, Thomas Koener, Robert Piotrowicz, Anna Zaradny, John Vance, Marc Behrens, Achim Wollscheid, @c, Eric Boros, Sebastian Meissner and many others, mainly playing his self-developed system, the No-Input-Mixer, which he has been playing since 1998. He plays this machine regularly in the Doom-Dub-Noise outfit Lietterschpich, (whose album “I Cum Blood in the Think Tank” was recently described as “Noise album of the Year” by Aquarius Records in SF) and John Zorn's "Cobra" improvising ensemble in Israel. Recently, he toured the US with his Experimental Doom Duo “Cadaver Eyes”, playing alongside such artists as Ruins, Can’t (Jessica Rylan), Uz Jzme Doma and many others, and has performed in Europe alongside such artists as Philip Jeck, Chris Cutler, Audrey Chen, Marcus Schmickler and Leafcutter John to name but a few. He has presented his works, lectures and compositions in such festivals as Sonorities (Belfast), Transmediale/CTM (Berlin), Festival for Jewish Culture (Krakow) and Theaterformen (Hannover), as well as spaces and platforms such as Sonic Square (Brusseles), Podewil, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Melkweg (Amsterdam), ITP-NYU “guest speaker”, Death By Audio (NY), Kulturbunker (Cologne), Muffathalle (Munich), Upgrade!, Sonic Process, Heara, Israeli Cinemateques (Israel) and many others. His work "Studio" with sculptor Eytan Ronel was awarded the Excellence Award by the NY International Fringe Festival. He also has collaborated extensively with sound artist Sebastian Meissner (Klimek, Random INC.), with whom he has recently released “Into The Void” (on Sub Rosa), a reflection on the old abandoned Jewish quarter Kazimierz in the city of Krakow. His works have been released on Mille Plateaux and Sub-Rosa, as well as various labels in Israel. As a sound-artist his works tend fuse the sonic with the political, as in the case of "Yannun Yannun", which portrays the harassment of Palestinian villagers by fanatic right-wing settlers. He founded and managed the Yad-Vashem bookstore - the only holocaust dedicated bookstore in Israel. READ: SEE: play loud - play not loud- SOUND ART: REMINISCE:

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