nevety (Nevet yitzhak)
Lior Fridman


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[ video art ]

Name of movie: Salute Duration: 6 minutes. Artists: Nevet Yitshak & Lior Friedman. Description: Video manipulation that simulates an airplane crushes into the ‘Tower of David’ In Jerusalem by using archive material from the Israeli wars and footage from September 11. Concept: The Tower of David is the name of the ancient citadel located near the Jaffa Gate entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem. Built to strengthen a strategically weak point in the Old City's defenses, the citadel was constructed during the second century BC and subsequently destroyed and rebuilt by, in succession, the Christian, Muslim, Mamluk, and Ottoman conquerors of Jerusalem. In the 30th of the 19th century the tower of david was a museum for Palestinian folklore. After 1967 it hosted a variety of art events and in 1989 the tower was established as a museum for the history of Jerusalem. The metaphorical destruction of the Tower symbolizes also a destruction of culture. The black and white Processing of archive materials from the wars of Israel and the footage from New-York in September 11. creates a unification and disturbs the sense of time and space. Past merges into present, the capital of the world merges in to the capital of all religions and the terror attack becomes a part of a continuum of wars, violence and disasters. The film creates a sense of chaos that reflects the chaos in a reality in which it is hard to distinguish between truth and fiction, authentic and fabrication.