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Gilad Meiri


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Encounter between a poet and a dancer, jerusalem 2004

Gilad Meiri

Execution \ Gilad Meiri Our routine patrol identified a suspicious figure in an abandoned house we surprised him (or maybe it was her) and he was caught after a short debriefing we understood this was a wanted man or actually a woman (it's hard to tell these days) so we had to execute him or her and you must understand we couldn't take prisoners but because of what happened to Lorca you know we received instructions to wait until there was clearance from headquarters and believe me or don't in the end we shot him or her with clearance and all but later it turned out there was a computer or human error and we shot this suspicious figure for no reason but because it was a mistake he or she didn't die or is still not officially dead this kind of thing was in the newspapers every day back then and only today can we talk about it Translated by Rachel Tzvia Back

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