Doron Furman

April 9

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[ Video-performance ]
Chorlton Hall Jerusalem
September 2005

Deir Yassin The work is about the way western culture mist the history A massacred was in the village on 48 Performance, back video projection screen 4:00m on 3:00m and sound

Doron Furman

Artist Statement 1.What exists between the realistic and fabricated, solidified and dissolved, entwined and coupled, unifying and diversifying, embracing and rejecting, observing from the sidelines or absorbed, believable or a fabrication, breathing life into another person, creating one’s activities, inventing my activities. 2.Viewing and emphasizing the elements between the ruler and the ruled. The ruler and his monumental symbols, that serve a “higher human purpose” and the ruled that are void of importance despite its humanity and relevance but as an individual is vulnerable and negligible. In my work the monumental becomes a multi hued aesthetic and loses its threatening oneness, despite this, the negligible adopts strength and resonance. In this way I am able to shatter and absorb and on the other hand to preserve and protect. 3.Examining the boundaries between the similar and imagined, in other words the placing of objects in relation to their place and time. Real time reality that receives inspiration for projected reality that is for the most part make-believe, and is based on scraps of real occurrences that took place in the homeland and individual’s history. 4.The question of identity is very dominant, be it exact or allied. People come from different places and aren’t identical. They can have the same name or identify with a story, take part in a dialog with a vanished world. They can chose representatives in their environs and create through them new realities. 5.Conflict gives these works their flavours and tones due to the dramatic realities I grew up with, and the connection that I have created with the distant country, which comprises the point of weight in time, that give me un-limitless space for evolution. Education 1986-90 BFA in Fine Art, Academia di Belle Arti, Florence 1994-95 MFA in Fine Art, Goldsmiths College, London 1995-96 MSC in multimedia-Video Westminster University, London Selected Exhibitions 1995 Anthony Reynolds Gallery London ,Antony Reynolds 2000 The New York Independent Film and Video Festival 2000 New York Experimental Film and Animation 2001 Kalisher Gallery Tel-Aviv 2001 Performance 'Video Dance', The Office Gallery 2002 International Artist Museum New York 2003 M.O.N.A Museum of New Art, Rochester Detroit U.S.A 2004 Performance 'April 9' Voice and Video Bamat meizag 2004 "Homemade" Israeli video Art 4 Cultures International 2004 Festival in Lodz, Poland, at the Contemporary art center, 2004 Utazdowski Castel Warsaw Curator Liliana Kadishevski 2005 Wachodnia Gallery from the City of Lodz (Poland) in five Cities including Warsaw and Krakow. 2005 Forum Museums Israeli video Art Curator Galit Semel 2005 Gallery Cintia Weber, bonn 2006 "On Gallery" Common History Poznan Poland 2006 The New Gallery Tedy Gerusalem Turkish and Israeli artists 2006 Performance 'She doesn't have a name' Bamat meizag 2007 virtual residency project in progress, Faux movement Metz 2007 Gelt and Gilt, Artneoland Gallery, Berlin 2007 Gallery Enita Bekers, New England 2007 Gallery Weber,Boston Grants 2005 British council 2006 Yehosua Rabinovich artist book 2007 New foundation for cinema and TV

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