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Real Time Reports

Sala-Manca Group & vagRearg

The Real Time Reports webcam event will take place at HaKhan Theater Courtyard, Jerusalem, in frame of Intersection Video Festival - Jerusalem International Film Festival on Saturday, 10th of July, from 20:30 to 24:00 (GMT+3).

Any visitor would be able to become a web-reporter, choose a topic from the pre-compiled list or add a new topic, and spontaneously compose a report or confession from the film festival site.
A reporter can specify/falsify his or her name or nickname and may choose to put on a mask, changing his identity if needed/wanted.

During the event all the reports will be stream-broadcasted via Internet. Later they will be catalogued and exhibited at

In the days preceding the event we invite you to add topics for the streaming reports. Please add a topic (at the bottom of this page) or send us a suggested theme to: .

Currently suggested topics for Real Time Reports:

Art and Culture :: תרבות ואמנות

A :: Aleph :: א
Art :: אמנות
Artist :: אמן
Critical Art :: אמנות ביקורתית
how life got me
let me in
macromicro artworks
Net Art :: אמנות רשת
Video Art :: אמנות וידאו
zand art

Ideas and Processes :: רעיונות ותהליכים

here citty
Peace & Process :: שלום ו/ב תהליך
War :: מלחמה

Literature :: ספרות

Line :: קו
Poetry :: שירה
Point :: נקודה
Prose:: פרוזה

Non reports reports :: דיווחים לא מדווחים

Politics and Society :: חברה ומדינה

walking backwards - ללכת אחורנית

Silent Reports:: דוחות שקטים

i76fl786f;o9yh [9gb07gj,jhvu7udi87liv.iuyvmxny

Suggest new topics:

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