audio documental archives of spirits- in the name of Stefan Illasch

sound installation

Curator: Eran Sachs
Written by: Eran Sachs & Nitsan Domidiano
Guest Writers: Sebastian Meissner, Tal Adler
Initially disclosed in the Tower of David museum,as part of
"Heara 6 - On the borders of the Comment", Jerusalem, October 2003
Hebrew text only
The Stephan Ills' Audio-Documentary Archive is a private collection of recordings of ghosts and sounds of the dead, which were performed around or are related to the city of Jerusalem. The recordings can be traced back to the city's different historical periods, and are attributed to such figures as Aybak the Mamluk, Abruptus of Titus' army, Palestinian merchant Abdalla al-Namari and knight Yves de-Fallion, founder of Templar order. Every recording was methodically catalogued, assigned a serial number and archived along with a desription of the cirucmstances underlining its introduction into the Audio-Documentary archive.
The realization of this work was assisted by Yanai Sachs, Tal Adler and Ella Gilboa

Heara 6 - On the Borders (of) the Comment