To Learn/ To Heal


aisle ground floor

The performance explored the physical behavior of the individual within the context of schools and hospitalals.
In school we sit to learn
In hospital we lie down to be treated
In the hallway we walk, wait and meet.
In performance I am in real-time dialogue with the winding hallway, existing objects and people passing by.
In this space I marked a bench as my home base and every half hour from 5:30pm till 11:00pm I will perform for seven minuets, investigating in movement a question relating to the state of healing and learning. After each one I will go back to my home base to process, observe and be open for a dialogue with the audience.

I have chosen to work with a few questions that emphasize the state of blind acceptance of the 'truth' by individuals when present in the healing and learning institutions.
We all expect to receive answers from doctors and teachers that create an illusion that they have the answers. What is missing is the integrity and wisdom to admit that they don't always know the answer.
In the process of learning and healing it is important to listen to the inner-knowledge, be aware and active about ones life.

Heara 8 - Comment on Schools and Hospitals