Des Frags

Defragmentation of the Internet by Images: With the aid of one or several "key words": to determine the images that will be researched (mosaic modules) to recompose the image that you have submitted (the matrix).
"Des frags" is a project using the resources available on the Net and to put them to a different purpose than that for which they were originally designed. For this, the project is, in appearance, very simple: using existing tools available on the web to create the final work (from/by and with the Net). "Des frags" is the defragmentation of the Internet A multitude of information is available on the web, and this project allows all this information to coexist together in the one final image: a matrix that will serve as a global reference point of the different elements of which it is composed.
"Des frags" is also a "blow" (a murder for players of video games)... meaning a "hold-up" of existing images on the Net: the appropriation of a raw material present on the web and reactivation of this "dead", archived memory into a live, ephemeral memory.