Aura Extension II

Bluetooth wireless technology

Artist's vicinity


Utilizing the Bluetooth wireless technology standard, for artistic purposes. Supports, audio visual data transmission.
Enables artists, art consumers or any user to connect to a wide range of computing and telecommunication wireless devices: cell phones, lap tops, PDA’s etc. Enables wide spread of art .
Artist’s presence causes automatic synchronization of his desktop mobile phone, PDA and laptop with other users. As soon as he enters a new space, the artistic audiovisual content in his PDA will automatically be updated to art consumers desktop, or vice versa.
A voice, image or text prompts the local user of approaching art event. Art percolates through the wireless ambience to every potential user, for a potential art consumption or interaction.

The system extends artist’s aura and amplifies his artistic capabilities. His presence induces content to the immediate space, and then to the wider space via the Internet or cellular systems.

Artist’s passages throw time and space leave trails of transmissions. Those trails can be considered as a continuous interactive multidisciplinary artistic act.

The system is bi-directional, it enables feedback between the consumers and the artist. The act of art manipulation/consumption, creates a community with mutual interests and goals, and enables creativity capabilities for a wide range of users.