Art should be free and available for all to download. Instead of standing in line for hours at your local Museums to see a collection that only rich people can own, the Internet provides the opportunity for everyone to participate.Here you can create your own art by rearranging the components of each work. Pleas pick one of the images at top right corner, then rearrange it by dragging its component in the left window. All the artworks on this site are free for use, change and down load. If you find this site useful, please consider linking to us. You can find more free original art at Avi Rosen-Media Artist. And a CV Enjoy your stay!
Recent technological developments, particularly in computers and telecommunications, have dramatically changed many aspects of our lives. These developments have even affected the world of art, so that today many artists make use of advanced technological tools such as computers and the Internet in their work. Art using computers and the Internet is a natural evolution of traditional art forms. Moreover, these new computer art forms reflect recent trends and are an integral part of modern society, technology and culture. Technological innovation enables artists to enjoy the benefits of interactivity, multimedia, widespread distribution, low cost, equal creative opportunity, accessibility and simplicity. Thus, computer art helps overcome technical, financial, political and environmental issues that have traditionally limited artistic creation. Today, many institutions and functions are being shifted to virtual space, and the field of art is no exception. Computer art enables individuals to express themselves without censorship and to circumvent the traditional art establishment that until now had dominated the field. Art world is on the verge of a revolution that will completely overturn artistic conventions and, in fact, our entire perception of art. Computer art is accessible, multisensual, and interactive; it varies over time and is conscious of the art consumer. These salient features of computer art call for a reassessment of our entire conception of art.

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