Poem - ספר שיר

Carving into a book

Solo Exhibition "Reshimu" - at Mamuta


I carved into a Jewish literature book. Word by word the poem created itself (words from different pages of the book).

English translation of the poem:

"From time immemorial, the earth harvests poetry. And here, sunlight guides the way, rain and wind by influence of the creating imagination. Here, in this book, a man lives through the dead who have placed for him debate. And my ancient faith is not just simple poetry, it's a stream of everflowing water"

"מאותו הזמן מקבלת הארץ פיוטים. והנה שמש מורה-דרך. גשם ורוחות לפי מצב דמיון היוצר. והנה, בספר זה, אדם חי, דרך המתים שהניחו לו מחלוקת. ואמונתי העתיקה, לא סתם פיוט, אלא מים!"


Solo exhibition can be seen here: