international pain and suffering corporation


cell 60

The Institute for Contemporary Archeology has invited the International
Pain and Suffering Corporation to hold its annual board meeting within
the framework of the Earat – Shulayim 4 event.

The International Pain and Suffering Corporation is the world’s leading
body devoted entirely and wholeheartedly to the promulgation of all
types of pain and suffering, including physical pain, angst,
desperation and fear. The IPSC is present in all 5 continents and
involved in an impressive and highly diversified array of entities and

The annual board meeting allows senior executives from all segments of
the corporation to meet and discuss corporate activities that took
place during the previous year, as well as debate the goals and
direction of the corporation in the future. Each executive will present
in detail the specific issues facing his deprtment, and highly
important corporate decisions will be made.

The CEO of the company will address the media and the public during the
event, and will take questions from the press and the audience

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