Project Blog? attempts to show works and projects making use of the blog platform for artistic purposes.

netopticon report (launched on May 18, 2005)

Netopticon report attempts to display works and actions that reveal, subvert and demystify systems of control in the network and the urban spaces. Works that vary from those taking the aesthetic and poetic approach, treating the systems of control and monitoring as intimate, personal and narrative subject to politically oriented projects inverting the use of technologies and the control means for countersurveillance.

art keywords (ongoing project)

Growing, collaborative encyclopedic dictionary that approaches central concepts, keywords, terms, and definitions related to the 21st century art. Submissions

data/reference/art exhibition (launched on September 16, 2004)

The exhibition compiled of nine art projects, each presenting an original approach to the theme of data/reference, placing in doubt, rethinking the signification, the function and the objectives of data collections on the Net.

video/net/art exhibition (launched on June 15, 2004)

The exhibition endeavors to analyze the peculiarities of video art as it develops on the net. It is concerned with development of the new narratives and aesthetics granted by mechanisms of network and digital media: deconstruction, interaction, randomization, multi-layerness, browser dependence, real-time broadcast and editability.

no/copy/right exhibition (launched on February 25, 2004)

The exhibition investigates the capableness, the boundaries and the impact of rules and procedures that have been developed to ascribe freedom to an art object or to lock it under control. Copyright, no copyright and copyleft, turn to subject matters identifying work patterns (modus operandi), often setting standpoints and modus vivendi among cultural text producers.

open archives (launched on September 16, 2004)

In attempt to address the question of our authority as curators and distributors/producers of knowledge, we chose to present all the works and projects we had received in response to our calls.

Reviews and Articles

Canched on the Net by Rotem Rozenthal
walla, 21.6.2005 [hebrew]

data/reference/art by Itamar Man
Terminal Art Journal, issue 23, winter 2004-2005

NEW.WRITING: no/copy/right by Garrett Lynch
Netartreview. 7.3.2004 [english] 9.3.2004 [english]

New exhibition: creators win the case by Roni Shani (Yediot Achronot)1.3.2004 [hebrew]

Print and frame as directed by Dana Gilerman
Haaretz Online. 4.3.2004 [hebrew]